Daniel Kamlarz Recommends Building ‘the Environmental Generation’


Daniel Kamlarz of Amherst says he and his peers need to become “The Environmental Generation.”

Daniel came to this conclusion after taking part in the Center for Environmental Civics summer academy last year and watching a documentary its leaders showed, called “A Fierce Green Fire,” a historical view of the environmental movement.

“I learned so much from seeing all these people working hard and through generations to achieve environmental goals,” he said. “It made me realize our generation is really important. There’s not going to be much time for other generations to get a handle on it. We have to take the same approach as those who came before us did.

Daniel is most passionate about the need for clean and sustainable energy sources and the need for fuel efficiency measures. “I think that’s a realistic step we can take,” he said. “I think we can at least slow down the environmental effects.”

In ninth grade, Daniel took an Advanced Placement Environmental Science class at his school, Amherst Regional High School, where he is a senior, and he has been a member of the school’s Environmental Action Club for several years.

But before he attended the CEC academy, he didn’t understand how to effect change.

“At the CEC academy, they were talking about environmental civics, taking a political approach to really do something about the environment, and so I really learned a lot on how to articulate myself and how to speak well in front of people in big audiences and to advocate,” he says. “That was a big part of it.”

All students in the summer academy choose a cause to support, and last summer, they had an opportunity to lobby for their cause before State Rep. Ellen Story and State Sen. Stan Rosenberg. Daniel chose to lobby for clean energy bonds for schools in Massachusetts.

“I’ve definitely used the advocacy and public speaking skills plenty of times in school,” the former class president and student leader says. “Now I can use my advocacy skills to tell people how important these issues are.”

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